Haleakala Sunrise

Hawaii Sunrise This has got to be one of my favorite photographs out of all the ones I’ve ever taken. Like I’ve said in a previous post, I really like sunrises and sunsets. My friend had brought me to Hawaii with him a couple of years ago and we got to do a bunch of cool stuff there. But my favorite was the Haleakala sunrise trip, even though we had to wake up at probably 5 am. I remember us being cocky and thinking it was going to be warm up at the top of the crater so we went in shorts & tank tops (bad idea), but luckily we were given windbreakers because it was about 10-20 degrees at the top of the crater. So it was pretty cold but we toughed it out and I got some cool pictures, this being one of them. It’s taken right as the sun is coming into full view. After we watched the sunrise we got to bike down the mountain which was pretty cool. We got to be on bikes going probably 40+ mph which was pretty crazy but very fun. And at this point I was happy to have only been wearing a tank top because it quickly got up into the 80’s. This is one of the memories I will never forget.

BTW, I have an Instagram where I post more pictures than the ones I upload here so feel free to follow me at “mrphotography94” on Instagram (& Twitter).


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