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The Streak


Another photoshop work of mine. I found the images of the individual players and the logo online but did everything else myself. I had to cut out, then paste, and arrange all the players and the logo, and then I added the “24 and counting…” part myself. I used some fire coloring for that since it made the most sense for the Heat. I’m a big basketball fan and a big LeBron James fan. I want to see him succeed and this streak was just incredible. Watching the Heat go through that, just as a fan it was actually pretty stressful. Especially since most of my friends are Lakers fans and we were challenging for their streak, only 6 games off (the streak ended at 27, while the Lakers streak was 33). But once the streak was over, it was actually a ton of weight gone because I didn’t have to be super worried about it continuing. So I can only imagine what it was like for the players.

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Space Imagination


This is another photoshop I did and it doesn’t really have a meaning or purpose. But I like space, I just think it’s so interesting that there’s an entire universe that we know so little about. Who’s to say that some of the Sci-Fi movies that are out aren’t possible on other worlds? We wouldn’t even have a clue. Space has always interested me just because it is so unknown, you look up at night and you can’t help but wonder what’s out there. If in my lifetime there were affordable trips to space, especially beyond our own galaxy, I’d definitely sign up for it. You never know what kind of things might be out there.

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Gears of War


Another one from my photoshop collection. I know there are a couple of mistakes but this is another one of my favorites. I found all the images online (the characters and the emblem in the back) but I positioned them as they were all separate images and put them on a black background. I put it in what seemed to be the best positioning of characters for how the characters were positioned individually and then also by role in the series and then with the Gears of War logo behind all of them. If your a fan of Gears of War I hope you really enjoy this picture. It’s just an homage to probably my favorite gaming series.


End of the Universe


This is another part of my photoshop week. This one was probably my favorite at the time just because of what it meant to me and is still up there today. It’s a man walking down a road through the universe. It was for a special friend a couple years ago and basically meant, “I’d go to the end of the universe for you”. Cheesy I know, but I thought it was pretty clever, cool, and cute. She liked it to. And although the girl is gone and the names change even if the story is the same, I just like this picture. Plus, it doesn’t have to necessarily be for a person; it could be for any goal in life. It could even be to never give up and just push on through to the end; we’re all capable of success, we just have to put in the time and the work.