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NBA 2k FaceScan


This will be the last gaming post for awhile, but I just think this is one of the craziest things in gaming right now. NBA 2k15 has a facescan feature that allows you to use your Kinect (Xbox One) Or PS Eye (Playstation 4) to scan your face and put it onto your character in-game. It’s even crazier because not only is it used for your character, but your guy has cutscenes and talks. So they’ve mapped it out so well that it actually looks natural when your character’s mouth moves. It’s crazy what you can do with video games these days, it only makes me more excited for what is coming in the future.

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The Streak


Another photoshop work of mine. I found the images of the individual players and the logo online but did everything else myself. I had to cut out, then paste, and arrange all the players and the logo, and then I added the “24 and counting…” part myself. I used some fire coloring for that since it made the most sense for the Heat. I’m a big basketball fan and a big LeBron James fan. I want to see him succeed and this streak was just incredible. Watching the Heat go through that, just as a fan it was actually pretty stressful. Especially since most of my friends are Lakers fans and we were challenging for their streak, only 6 games off (the streak ended at 27, while the Lakers streak was 33). But once the streak was over, it was actually a ton of weight gone because I didn’t have to be super worried about it continuing. So I can only imagine what it was like for the players.