basketball, photoshop

The Streak


Another photoshop work of mine. I found the images of the individual players and the logo online but did everything else myself. I had to cut out, then paste, and arrange all the players and the logo, and then I added the “24 and counting…” part myself. I used some fire coloring for that since it made the most sense for the Heat. I’m a big basketball fan and a big LeBron James fan. I want to see him succeed and this streak was just incredible. Watching the Heat go through that, just as a fan it was actually pretty stressful. Especially since most of my friends are Lakers fans and we were challenging for their streak, only 6 games off (the streak ended at 27, while the Lakers streak was 33). But once the streak was over, it was actually a ton of weight gone because I didn’t have to be super worried about it continuing. So I can only imagine what it was like for the players.